Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness: West Regional, Round 1

Welcome to Day Four of the U.S. States and Territories Flag Tournament!!!

The Rules: Anyone can play.  For each of the pairs of flags pitted against each other, simply indicate your favorite.  Explication, derision, and/or analysis will not affect the scoring, but is nevertheless encouraged.  Each winner will of course advance to the second round.

In the first round only, you may select one of your six preferred flags as especially favored; for that flag only, your vote counts double.

West Regional Voting Deadline: 11:59 p.m., Monday, March 7.
North Regional Voting Deadline: 11:59 p.m., Sunday, March 6.
South Regional Voting Deadline: 11:59 p.m., Saturday, March 5.
East Regional Voting Deadline: 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) TONIGHT, Friday, March 4.

Nevada vs. Northern Marianas


Northern Marianas

Washington vs. Idaho



Hawaii vs. Utah



Arizona vs. American Samoa


American Samoa

Colorado vs. Guam



California vs. Oregon


Oregon Front (sigh)

Oregon Back

Make your votes in the comments, of course.


  1. NM – close call, but NM has no words
    WA – so tired of blue fields, simpler, and fewer words
    HI (x2) - weird history but beautiful
    AS – Arizona's would be awesome if the star weren't so close to the rays in color. Like white or something.
    CO - Guam isn't bad except for the word, but CO is simply good.
    CA – I don't like differing sides of a flag.

  2. NV - the other one looks like intestines
    ID - because I am an avid Tory, and cannot support rebels of any sort, I must vote against the number one American rebel of all time. G. Washington.
    HI - It goes without saying that I must vote for the flag of Hawaii. Their flag, containing the glorious Union Jack, represents our last chance to remain loyal to the crown.
    AZ - Very nice. No words. No pictures, just lines and symbols.
    Guam - Its like a fat surf board
    CA - far more iconic that a beaver on the back

    Hawaii gets the extra vote

  3. NM - It's busy, but the stone stele thing is cool.
    WA - I dig the green, and George looks great.
    HI - A classic!
    AZ - Am. Samoa's is a hate crime, against people with eyes.
    CO - Another classic (I think the West is the strongest region).
    CA (x2) - I think California's flag is perhaps the best in the country. Although, if Oregon's flag was JUST the beaver and no seal, it might be a closer fight.

  4. Northern Marianas, it has a cool representation of the culture, Nevada's is just kind of boring.
    Washington, I agree with previous voters, green is unique and trumps yet another blue flag.
    Hawaii, not a huge fan of the Union Jack on an American states' flag, but it was the flag of the Republic of Hawaii, so it gets a pass.
    American Samoa, the eagle may be busier, but I like it better than the rising (setting?) star of Arizona.
    Colorado (x2), love this flag, great colors, uses the letter "C" without being obvious, looks great on a shirt, etc.
    California, because it is a modern interpretation of the flag used by the California rebels back in the 1846 when they tried to leave Mexico.

  5. Nevada - Despite "battle born"; reference to what? Taking Nevada from Mexico? (looking up) Oh, Civil War. Not like there were battles in Nevada.

    Washington - My state. Don't much like the portrait seal, but the green is alright, and appropriate, at least for WA west of the Cascades. Still think WA should have been named Columbia instead, but what would the flag be like if so. A big dam or something? A barge full of wheat?

    Hawaii - No contest. Tempted to give it the 2x vote.

    Arizona (2x) - !!! It's crazy fun.

    Colorado - Even though it has that "corporate logo" look.

    California - Not bad, although it hardly an independent republic. More like an insurgency. Guess "California Insurgency" wouldn't sound as respectable.

  6. Nevada - Don't care for the graphics up in the corner, but it's better than the weird rock with the ugly wreath.
    Washington - Not a big fan of this picture of George they use and the colors are abrasive, but it is better than ID.
    Arizona - I agree with Secular Planet the star needs to be a different color, but I still like it more than AS.
    Colorado - Simple & original.
    California - Iconic and OR has too much going on.

  7. Nevada vs. Northern Marianas
    Northern Marianas has no writing and is far more distinctive. Someone did point out that the wreath looks like intestines- but the flag is still much simpler overall.

    Washington vs. Idaho
    Idaho fails. Washington wins by default, not by any merit of its own.

    Hawaii vs. Utah
    Utah fails. Hawaii's flag is overwhelmingly better. Fun fact- The flag of Hawaii has been the flag of the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Republic of Hawaii, the Territory of Hawaii and the State of Hawaii. It is also the only US state flag to include the Union jack.

    Arizona vs. American Samoa
    I really want to give this to American Samoa,but Arizona's flag is definitely better.
    The copper star has a bold effect- not every flag can incorporate such an unusual color with such success.

    Colorado vs. Guam
    Colorado's flag is another great flag, with strong, simple colors, and a distinctive look. Guam is no competition.

    California vs. Oregon
    Oregon's flag is so bad I'd venture to say it is the worst US state flag in existence. On top of that, I've always liked the bear flag, and I think California is the only state that can get away with writing on the flag.

    Double points to Arizona.

  8. MP - looks cooler :)
    WA - still a seal on a bedsheet, but at least it's a green one, making it stand out
    HI - no question
    AZ - awww, both of those are really good!
    CO - I think Guam could have lasted another round maybe, but against Colorado, well it doesn't stand a chance.
    CA - I don't think Oregon is as bad you say, I like the fact that it's the only two-sided flag. But it doesn't stand a chance against CA.

  9. Oh, and forgot about the "double vote" thing. I think of the six, I like AZ the best.

  10. Aha: Northern Mariana Islands ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code and U.S. postal abbreviation "MP". You're making me work for it, dhkendall.

  11. I vote for Northern Marianas, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, and a double vote for California (the only flag allowed to break the No Text rule in my opinion).

  12. Nevada: At least it is a slightly different version of blue/seal. Marianas is both too busy and too simplea t the asme time-odd.

    Washington. Favorite color is green, and ID looks like all the other similar ones.

    Hawaii: One of the best flags in the world, let alone USA. Utah never stood a chance.

    Arizona. Red, yeloow, copper a bit eye watering, but it is distinctive.

    Colorado: No contest, but Guam has a nice simple shield.

    Calif: Another classic-probably top 5 in country. Oregon should have more distinctive flag. Nice beaver, but I'm a Duck, so would not want that!

  13. How can you guys like California so much? It has bear poop on it.

  14. Aviatrix: But it has a bear on it. And I think that's mostly turf.