Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness: South and East Semifinals

March Madness: South and East Semifinals!!!

The Rules: For each of the pairs of flags pitted against each other, indicate your favorite.  Explication, derision, and/or analysis will not affect the scoring, but is nevertheless encouraged.  Each winner will advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

South and East Semifinals Voting Deadline: 9 p.m. PDT, Saturday, March 19.


Maryland vs. Massachusetts



District of Columbia vs. Rhode Island

District of Columbia

Rhode Island


South Carolina vs. Tennessee

South Carolina


Texas vs. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

Make your votes in the comments.


  1. Maryland, DC, Tennessee, Puerto Rico

  2. Maryland - I'm surprised Mass. made it this far
    DC - but RI is fun
    SC - I imagine this will be close. I love both designs, so I'll vote family. My dear departed Mother was born in SC
    PR - another close one, but I can't vote for TX

  3. MD - a wonderful design that isn't appreciated enough
    DC - my favourite colours are red and white, especially on a flag. DC does a good job at rocking those colours
    TN - like Cartophiliac, I predict this will be close, but I decided to go with the abstract representation rather than the literal representation
    PR - very surprised that (so far) Texas isn't getting any love. I just like the way that PR shows its American link in its flag. (If PR ever became independent, I wonder if there'd be a flag change - I doubt it somehow, but I can't help but see a link to the US when I see that flag)

  4. Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland!

    Hmmm, DC, I suppose.

    Tennessee - I like SC's, but I like the three stars / three Grand Divisions thing more.

    Puerto Rico - More dynamic.

  5. Maryland
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina

  6. Maryland, for being gorgeous
    D.C., George Washington's coat of arms
    Tennessee, the palmetto is nice, but has too much detail
    Texas, these flags are sorta similar, but I give it to Texas for simplicity.

  7. Maryland vs. Massachusetts
    Maryland, my Maryland.

    D.C. vs. Rhode Island
    Rhode Island may have the hope... but DC has the change. Or at the guy who used that slogan. DC.

    South Carolina vs. Tennessee
    Tennessee's flag is, I think just a little bit better, but South Carolina is still one of my favorites.

    Texas vs. Port Rich
    The Texas flag is older than the Puerto Rican flag (by 60 years) and is, in my opinion better.

  8. Maryland
    Rhode Island

  9. Maryland. At least Mass is a unique seal flag, but no contest.

    DC. RI gets a lot of points but not much "hope" against a classic .

    SC. I like Tenn., but its is just bit too much read and too small a central motif.

    Puerto Rico. I like the distinctiveness of the Triangle and more stripes.

  10. Massachusetts. I hate state seals on flags, but not as much as I HATE Maryland's eyesore of a flag. It looks like a damn warning sign!

    District of Columbia. No contest.

    Tennessee. It's a little too Confederatesque for my taste, but SC's flag is just weird and off-balance.

    Puerto Rico. Because I'll be goddamned if I vote for Texas!

  11. Maryland. The disembodied arm holding a sword is a nice touch, but the Massachusetts flag should have been knocked out before this round.

    DC. The Rhode Island flag has some charm, but is done in by the cheesy clip art quality of the representational elements.

    Tennessee. This is close, but the South Carolina palmetto is a little too fussily drawn, and the blue stripe down the outside edge of the Tennessee flag is the perfect bit of asymmetry that keeps the Tennessee flag from being boring.

    Puerto Rico. The Texas flag seems a little staid and unimaginative next to Puerto Rico. The blue triangle with stripes is more interesting visually than the three rectangles.