Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness Semifinal Results!


#1 Maryland 19, #4 Massachusetts 5
#3 D.C. 18, #2 Rhode Island 6


#5 Tennessee 13, #1 South Carolina 11 (Upset!!)
#2 Puerto Rico 19, #3 Texas 5


#1 Wyoming 19, #5 Iowa 7
#2 Ohio 15, #3 Indiana 11


#1 Alaska 16, #4 Hawaii 10
#2 New Mexico 20, #3 Arizona 5


  1. That TN-SC battle was fierce! OH-IN was pretty close too. Will be interesting to see how the OH-WY battle turns out, not to mention AK-NM. The next east & south line ups seem more predictable.

  2. Oop, I take back that last comment. DC might give MD a serious challenge....

  3. > #2 Puerto Rico 19, #3 Texas 5

    Hm. Did *not* see that coming! (Yes, I voted for PR, but didn't think that the win would be that one-sided, thought this one would be very close.)

  4. What kind of freakin crack heads on here would vote Tennessee over South Carolina? The south carolina Flag is second only to Texas as the most widely recognized AND marketed image in the US!

  5. Heh, SC v. TN was hard to decide. Maybe my TN ancestry biased me. I'm just not familiar with SC--wouldn't know a palmetto if it fell on me. Plus, someone described SC's moon as a "giant googly eye" and now whenever I see the flag it feels like its *staring* at me! But yeah, SC's flag is much more significant in terms of culture and history. TN's seems more "flaggy" to me though. And hey, I only just looked this up, but that might not be a moon at all, could be a gorget. Who knew? I wonder if the little moon in Missouri's seal was inspired by SC's moon/gorget.

  6. I am surprised nobody brought up the Muslim Crescent in regards to SC? Also, is it just me or when I see the palm, I see a bunch of hands in the leaves, with that particular photo? Funny!