Monday, March 21, 2011

March Madness: South and East Finals!!!

March Madness: South and East Finals!!!

The Rules: For each of the pairs of flags pitted against each other, indicate your favorite.  Explication, derision, and/or analysis will not affect the scoring, but is nevertheless encouraged.  Each winner will advance to the Final Four.

South and East Finals Voting Deadline: 9 p.m. PDT, TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 22.

East Final

Maryland vs. District of Columbia


District of Columbia

South Final

Tennessee vs. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico

Make your votes in the comments.


  1. This gets harder and harder.

    MD - If they ever make MD take DC back, maybe they can add Washington's arms into the design... get really busy

    TN - Today, the actual states win out over districts or territories.

  2. Maryland - DC is very nice, but I quite like Maryland's wacky yet instantly recognizable style. The color contrasts are crazy, but none of the colors are themselves weird. It's busy, but not in a overly detailed, hard to draw with crayons kind of way (well, maybe a little hard to draw with crayons, but not so bad if you draw it large and draw carefully). In short, DC is quite fine, but Maryland makes me smile.

    Tennessee - Puerto RIco is just too similar to a number of other flags.

  3. DC – It's my favorite of all the flags. Maryland has always been the ugliest of all of them, but it's been a better design than the others its faced so far. I honestly don't understand why people like it.
    TN – The blue stripe on the fly is too cool not to vote for.

  4. Maryland - Heraldry is such a great element on flags, and Maryland does it without the ubiquitous shield/seal in the middle of a solid field.

    Tennessee - That blue strip perfectly frames the iconic circled stars.

  5. Maryland, though DC is the first real competition this flag has had.
    Tennessee, because it's great.

  6. Maryland vs. D.C.
    They're both great, but Maryland's flag has more history, and besides, its my home state. Maryland.

    Tennessee vs. Puerto Rico
    Tennessee. Not much to say, both are 'good' flags, but I like Tennessee more.

  7. DC, because Maryland's flag makes my eyes bleed.
    PR, although I don't particularly like either of them. Tennessee's is weird and out of proportion, and Puerto Rico's is uninspired.

    If Maryland wins the entire competition I swear to God I'm gonna burn something down.

  8. DC FTW - said it before, I'll say it again, red and white are my favourite colours, especially on a flag (especially if white is the chief colour), and DC rocks it. MD has a very good flag sa well, I can see why it tops many such lists, and why it lasted so long.

    TN - again, both are great (and both have their faults - TN's is that blue stripe on the fly that can easily be torn off first when the flag starts to get old), but I like what pfly said about PR's being similar to others.

  9. I certainly don't care for PR's resemblance to Cuba and Czechia. I would like the star to be replaced by the Cross of Saint John the Baptist, which creates a connection with the Agnus Dei of the national arms. Also, that eight-pointed cross has the advantage of looking the same right side up and upside down; I'm fed up with the many blind people who can't tell the difference between a pentagram with ONE POINT UP and TWO POINTS DOWN and a pentagram with TWO POINTS UP and ONE POINT DOWN.