Friday, May 13, 2011

Lower the Flag

We ran it up the flag pole... but it just didn't fly.

Neither Michael5000 nor Cartophiliac have been able to generate enough interest in this topic to hold our interest in maintaining a blog just about flags... March Madness was fun, but what are we going to do the rest of the year?

Therefore we are closing up shop. We may leave the blog up for a little while but it will eventually be deleted.

Meanwhile, Michael5000 will likely continue with his occasional Flag Friday ranking of the nation's flags, so continue to read The Life and Times of Michael5000 for your flag fix.


  1. That's a real bummer. I'll continue to look forward to more Flag Fridays, but it just won't be the same. Best of luck to both of you, and I remain a fan of Cartophilia.

    Guess now would be a bad time to ask for help publicizing my blog Fix the Flags, eh? :-)

  2. Please keep doing it for my sake. I design flags and heraldry, so naturally I love to read about those subjects.
    Juan Jose Morales,
    first citizen of the future Independent Realm of Puerto Rico

  3. What? No tournament among city flags?? Just kidding--they all suck. I'm not sure how I found this blog in the first place, but it led me to TLATOM5000, so it's all good.

  4. Thanks for reading along, folks!

  5. Awww, this really vexes mee. (Get it? Har-de-har!) I do look forward to reading Flag Friday, will that be on M5K's blog then, is what you're saying? (I've just recently discovered it and being a Christian, a geek, and a flag nut, I really like it. However, as of now, Vexillolophilia is bookmarked and M5K's site isn't. (Guess I'll have to change that.)

    As long as M6K has a regular flag dose in there, I'll follow.

  6. And here I was thinking that no one had commented on your last Flag Friday because they must be all over here.

    I think you should leave this blog undeleted and continue to crosspost the Flag Fridays.

  7. Oh say it aint so! Why delete it? At least keep it up for the flag fridays.