Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your Tuesday Flag Quiz

OK, we'll start with an easy one. Or at least, one that seems easy to me, although I am notoriously bad at judging how tough a quiz is going to be.

What entities do each of the following flags represent, and how are they related?





Post your answers in the comments.


  1. England (St. George's Cross), Northern Ireland (Ulster Banner), Wales (The Red Dragon), and Scotland (St. Andrew's Cross). The components of the modern day United Kingdom.

    Though I'm surprised you went with the Ulster Banner, which was only around until 1972, and not St. Patrick's Cross, which is actually represented on the Union flag.

    On the other hand, poor Wales...

  2. What do you mean, poor Wales? They have the cool flag... the rest are boring. :-)

  3. You got England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland = United Kingdom. The English flag (St George's cross) sits atop Scotland's St Andrew's cross and St Patrick's Cross (Ireland) which gives you the modern Union Jack. Wales' flag isn't really represented, though it is pretty awesome.

  4. England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, the members of the United Kingdom. Wales isn't represented on the Union Jack 'cause it's not a kingdom, but part of the English crown (which was merged with Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain).

  5. Ironically, although they are all one "country" they each have their own representative teams eligible for FIFA World Cup.

  6. Yeah! What's up with that? Maybe if they had an all-UK team, they could have done better than a tie against the US!

  7. St. George of England, St. Andrew of Scotland, the Dragon of Wales and for some reason, the Red Hand of Northern Ireland? Fair enough that you wanted the modern UK but St. Patricks is just a much cooler flag.

  8. Oh boy! An EXTRA quiz! Which I know nothing about!

    1. An overenthusiastic branch of the Red Cross
    2. The Jewish anti-monarchy league
    3. Wales! (darn, I thought what they had in common was going to be that I didn't know what country they were for)
    4. The letter M

    I'll go with "all conquered by the same monarch."

  9. 1 Anti-Switzerland
    2 The Order of the Red Glove of David of the Bepearled Queen of Anti-Switzerland
    3 Wales!
    4 Island X
    They are all third cousins on their mothers' side, and with the exception of Wales were chosen just to spite me.

  10. Well, we've apparently discovered how to bring lurkers out of the woodwork!

    The flags are, as many of you knew, the constituent "countries" of the United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.