Sunday, February 20, 2011

March Madness: Get Your Bracket Ready!

What U.S. State or Territorial Flag will emerge triumphant?  Pick your favorites now and be ready to cast your votes throughout March as 56 flags go head to head on Vexillophilia and The Life and Times of Michael5000.

First Round Schedule

February 28: East Regional, Round 1
March 1: South Regional, Round 1
March 3: North Regional, Round 1
March 4: West Regional, Round 1

Second Round Schedule

March 7: East Regional, Round 2
March 8: South Regional, Round 2
March 10: North Regional, Round 2
March 11: West Regional, Round 2

Note for non-UnitedStatesian readers: "March Madness" is a parody of the elaborate yearly American college basketball tournament.  But the flag tournament is for real.


  1. Illinois against Missouri and then the winner of Iowa/Wisconsin? Well, that's an easy walk toward the North championship round for Illinois.

  2. Wow, looking through this it seems mostly a battle of "least worst"! WA vs. ID? MI vs. KS?? SD vs. MT??? DE vs. WV???? Ouch ouch ouch... Still, looks like fun, heh. Will probably end up a battle between Alaska or New Mexico, Ohio, Maryland, and maybe Tennessee, I'd bet. Two lovely minimalist flags (AK & NM) from the "West" vs. two absurd flags (OH & MD), plus some wildcard from the South. That's my prediction anyway!

  3. Dammit, I wrote a huge in-depth analysis and got it eaten by the stupid internet. Instead of writing it again, here's my predictions.

    Eastern Conference, Rd 1.
    New Hampshire Argonauts def. Vermont Stags
    Delaware Loungers def. West. Virginia Loiterers
    Massachusetts Brave def. New York Giant Ladies
    DC Highway Stars def. New Jersey Ploughmaidens
    Virginia Amazons def. Maine Meese
    Connecticut Vinters def. Pennsylvania Stallions

    Southern Conference, Rd 1.
    Alabama Fighting Irish def. Florida Crested Irish
    Tennessee Constellation def. Georgia Crusaders
    Louisiana Pelicans def. Kentucky Peacemakers
    Texis Sherrifs def. US Virgin Islands Eagles
    Mississippi Rebels def. North Carolina Calendar Girls
    Arkansas Diamondbacks def. Oklahoma Fourty-Sixers