Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where is West Xylophone?

They Might Be Giants, the American alternative rock band, primarily John Flansburgh and John Linnell, have released dozens of children's songs over the years. Including "The Alphabet of Nations."

The official TMBG video includes much map and flag fun... but where is West Xylophone?

From This Might Be A Wiki - The TMBG Knowledge Base:
Technically, there is no nation whose name begins with the letter 'X' or the letter 'W.' (Wales is a principality, Wallis is a territory of France, and Western Sahara is a disputed territory below Morocco). The fictional West Xylophone is used as a stand-in for both of these letters.
Several other TMBG fans have created videos for the song, with more map and flag fun:

However, there is some dispute as to the correct official flag of West Xylophone:

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    As the Minister of Tourism for West Xylophone I can vouch that the flag on the right is the correct flag of our country, though you have reproduced here a post card of the flag, including the name of our country. Normally the flag as flown does not include the words "West Xylophone".

    As to the symbology on the flag,
    * the heart represents the love we have for our island home,
    * the palm tree represents the beauty of our natural resources,
    * the hands the imagination and hard work of our people and
    * the light bulb represents our pride that all the citizens of our island have access to electricity, running water and health care.